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The 20-year-old is out of custody on US0 bail and will be back in court on 11 January. Rusike’s case comes hard on the heels of the acquittal of a former manager at food concern Innscor, who had been slapped with criminal charges and fired from work for allegedly coining lyrics deemed as insulting to President Mugabe.

Tendai Gumbo (33), a former shift manager at Inn Express supermarket in Bulawayo was facing a charge of disorderly conduct in a public place.

predecessor Thabiso Phiri, 22, was also stripped of the Miss Zimbabwe title - which automatically enters the winner into the Miss World competition - after nude photographs she had sent to her boyfriend were leaked and went viral.

Ms Phiri was selected out of 26 finalists to take the Miss Zimbabwe title at a black-tie ceremony in Harare on 14 June.

But there are also calls for legal action to be taken against former partners who leak photos in Zimbabwe.

The Miss Zimbabwe Trust confirmed the resignation on Friday but would not disclose any further details on the “peculiar and personal” reasons behind the resignation.

The picture was accompanied by the caption: “Robert Mugabe turning 87 years on 21 February, happy birthday Matibili operation.”Tshuma filed a police report leading to Rusike’s arrest.

The army general’s wife was said to be “in shock” at Ms Phiri’s resignation although she refused to confirm the reasons behind it.

“These developments are still fresh,” she told the privately-owned Daily News.

State media is alleging that nude pictures of Miss Zimbabwe, Thabiso Phiri, were posted on social media and went viral.

Zimbabwe’s Sunday Mail is claiming the 22-year-old law student took the pictures of herself and sent them to a boyfriend, who then posted them online.

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A former model herself, Mrs Mubaiwa-Chiwenga courted controversy by charging spectators £180 each to attend the Miss Zimbabwe final, an eye-wateringly high price in a country where the average monthly salary is less than £120.

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