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Coming from San Francisco, I have places like that of my own that I wouldn’t want a camera crew showing up and then everyone starts going there. It was like all the friends I had that were part of the lesbian community didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. I hope people would want you to be happy with someone you are happy with. The people I lived with knew my boyfriend and met him. AE: They thought, “She’s not going to get with any of us.”SR: Yeah, sorry! I read all of the comments and of the e-mails and everything goes straight to me.

AE: Do you think you come off as how you really are? It’s the same reason they don’t want people from Jersey or other places in there. Places we’d go, people got to know us, if only one of us was in there without a camera. ” It was mainly people on the street who probably sent in audition tapes. SR: I felt really ostracized when I first started dating guys. I know people are going to say things no matter what so you know, whatever. The girl who used to date women and now has a boyfriend. SR: If anybody ever wants to ask me any questions or contacts me, they can visit

The beautiful lady of the day -- who declared marrying her love was "the happiest moment of my life" -- opted for a formfitting lace gown, a DIY flower crown (so craftsy! It must be said: The bride's elation makes her successful first-place Mount Slogan climb look like absolute peanuts...

Fittingly, some very familiar faces were in tow to see their MTV family member get hitched.

She prays nightly that the whooping cough will come and take her to Heaven. He asked questions about sex and stuff, which is fitting because he is head over heels obsessed with what in-between-the-legs-parts do when they get near each other. The interview went as well as that kind of hellfire-forged interview can go and Chet imagined that this is what no-no special place to no-no special place touching action feels like. And, you know, I've nothing funny or insightful to say about that, really.

Scotty's new lothario personality both confuses, delights, and annoys his roommates. A bunch of kids headed off into the desert a few years ago and some got lost and were never found again. And that's a sad and big and mysterious thing and MTV, so far, has handled the subject soberly without pandering or sensationalizing.

However, in this day and age you'd be a complete fool not to at least do a cursory Google search of someone you're dating, and thus my dates tend to trudge up very intimate and personal details about me with no context or frame of reference.They were not broken up when Battle of the Exes 2 was being cast in the summer of 2014, but by the time the plane left for Panama they had split. Johnny & Averey (1 year) A very serious couple from Real World Portland in 2012, Averey moved across the country to live with Johnny shortly after production wrapped.Things were going well, until Johnny suspected Averey of cheating shortly before he left for the filming of Free Agents in fall of 2013.Perhaps they’ll break the mold, or maybe they’ll use their newfound freedom to pursue other relationships.These are the most successful relationships that started on The Real World.

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For this list, the relationship must have started on the show. Cohutta & Kellyanne (8 months) Starting during the filming of Real World Sydney during 2007, this oddball couple seemed to work.