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Who is amy lee dating 2016

Singer, songwriter and composer, Amy Lee is renowned in the world for being the co founder of the rock band Evanescence where she also serves as the lead vocalist. She is also famous for her soundtrack album, Aftermath.Amy who is known for her powerful Mezzo-Soprano vocals was born as Amy Lynn Lee in Riverside, California, United States of America to John Lee and Sara Cargill. In 2003, Amy had serious romantic love affairs with Shaun Morgan. They dated each other for about two years and they broke up in 2005.Amy was currently studying at Middle Tennessee State University – after Pulaski Academy – but after this acquaintance the young lady decided to give up the further education and fall completely in music production industry.As for the beginning of career, they played anywhere – in bookshops and cafes, shops and streets.

Within few period of time, they began playing in several places like the book stores and coffee houses.Her lows are rather under-utilized in comparison, however when used they can be quite strong and effective (notably in the first verse of "Haunted").While occasionally a rather inconsistent live performer, Amy's strong presence and distinctive style have made quite a mark in the current music scene. I was always convinced it was one of the choir sopranos in the studio version due to the way it's mixed, plus IIRC on all the live versions from pre-'07 that part was played via backing tape.Being young and full of energy, she presented to be a co-founder of music band, called “Evanescence”.The vent occurred after she met Ben Moody in a youth club.

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Talking about her relationship status she is already tied in a knot with her longtime sweetheart.

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