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Does anyoe know the song in the Series 6 Finale, where he gets shot, its after the 28 weeks later edited song, after he gets shot...

The same song plays later on in Series 7, ' Target Specific' where Wolf gets kidnapped by Russians, noone seems to knowhi i dont know if ANYONE ca N help me..looking for a guest actor on csi miami.... What is the name/singer of that song in this episode where callie is looking at herself in the hospital, its a female with a higher pitch voice, its a beautifully erie dying to know.

"Just checking to make sure no one was around.""Well whats up?

He stops and just looks at her for a minute before speaking."Hey" he says walking into the lab approaching her."Hey back to you." she says giving him a coy smile. Calleigh starts laughing at how funny he looks."Eric what are you doing? Eric moves a bit closer to her but remains a safe distance away.

Of course.""Valera, can't you just say things straight out? Valera set her drink down carefully and fixed Calleigh with a look. "I think that when it finally happens, it'll be up-against-the-wall-then-up-against-the-counter-then-in-the-bed-three-times-then-in-the-shower-followed-by-passing-out-from-extreme-exhaustion-sex so hot you two could star in your own porno."With difficulty, Calleigh pushed the images elicited by Valera's comment out of her head, blushing profusely.

"Because that's the start of a quality relationship," she said, attempting to keep her voice light."It is when you've loved the guy forever and are having sex based on how many years of repressed feelings?

However, this attitude does not in any way interfere with her quest to put criminals where they belong.

Her father, Kenwall "Duke" Duquesne (John Heard), is an alcoholic and a defense attorney who has tried to rehabilitate himself several times.

Calleigh sometimes helps him by picking him up and driving home when he is too drunk to do so himself.

The lab got an email from the kidnapper it was a link to a video chat.

I opened it a man appeared in the back ground was Horatio tied up and beaten badly he did not look happy the man said" hi Calleigh, Molly, Maxine, Samantha, Walter, Natalia, Frank, Eric and Ryan" I replied " what do you want?

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" He answered " I want you to pay for killing my brother, you took my life I am taking something that matters to you I will torture him for hours then let you talk to him you will be able to hear the pain and hurt in his voice" I said " you psycho let me talk to him" he replied of course" he ripped the duct tape off of Horatio's mouth.

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