Virtual sexual chats for teens

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Habbo Hotel is a dangerous virtual world that will destroy your child's mind and any sense of morals and values.While this is true of many online chat rooms and other chat sites, Habbo and, in particular, its many retro hotels (Fresh, Boon, Play Rise, etc.) is one of the largest online chatting sites for teenagers that allows them to create a virtual world and select avatars, create rooms, etc.“Just install the software,” says Sinulate’s web site, “plug in your Interactive Fleshlight, and pick a partner!” Kyle Machulis, operator of, a Web site about the combination of sex and technology and a self-described “tinkerer/hacker/pioneer/visionary in the realm of sex technology,” is a major proponent of open-source teledildonics.

Offline, pedophiles have typically operated in isolation.

There is no decency, respect, or friendly behaviour.

Condescending remarks are made both in private messages or explicitly in public rooms.

Never before have pedophiles had the opportunity to communicate so freely and directly with each other as they do online.

Their communication on the Internet provides validation—or virtual validation—for their behavior. They discuss ways to contact and lure children online and exchange tips on seduction techniques, as well as tips on the avoidance of law enforcement detection.

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The “Sinulator,” for example, produced by Sinulate Entertainment in Sunnyvale, California, is a wireless vibrator that connects to any computer with an Internet hookup and a Windows operating system.