Validating web form

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Validating web form

For this purpose, it doesn’t matter where we put the error, as long as it’s on the form somewhere.

You can’t attach an error directly to the form itself, but an error on any field will invalidate the form.

NET Entity Data Model to the project so that you get the User Profile entity class as shown above.

In this example, you will validate all of the columns except Id, using various data annotation attributes. NET class (POCO) then you can directly decorate its properties with data annotation attributes.

The Absolute Form Processor is more than a Form Mailer system, it can process any HTML form submitted to it by validating the integrity of the information sent according to your requirements, saving the collected data to a database, working as a form mailer by forwarding the information to anyone and even sending autoresponses to the user upon the form submission!

The Absolute Form Processor is the perfect solution for gathering feedback and customer information on your site.

Id, First Name, Last Name, Email, Bio, Age, Blog Url and Phone.

Also see Web Site Testing FAQ in the FAQ Part 2 for a discussion of web site testing considerations; also see What's the best way to choose a test automation tool?

Then add a new SQL Server database named User Db to the App_Data folder and create a table - User Profile.

The User Profile table has columns as shown in the following figure: The User Profile table As you can see from the above model class, the User Profile table consists of eight columns, viz.

It is an application with many, many uses : use it to create surveys, order forms, registration forms, collect e-mails for your mailing lists, create reservation forms, sweepstakes, support and contact forms and anything else where you need to capture your customers information.

What makes Absolute Form Processor stand out of the crowd when it comes to choosing a form processing and form mailer application for your web site?

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