Validating input data in flash

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Validating input data in flash

: To validate forms, you need a Netscape browser version 3.0 or later, or an Internet Explorer browser version 5.0 or later.

Unfortunately, this library failed to check all the data values inside MIDI files; incorrect data values for the fields "text," "copyright," or "MThd track" in a MIDI file could cause the library to fail and attackers could exploit the failure to make the system run any code they wanted.

Administrators can monitor the server logs to search for evidence of attempted security breaches.

However, input that was allowed in previous version of the server may be blocked, and users may see errors when entering values.

While both approaches help to ensure that valid information is being entered, there is no support for validating a required field. They can check if a widget is required to contain data and use regular expressions to check if that data is in the correct format. In the following example, a form has a number of input fields.

So while my first thought was to go down the input filter path, I decided to create my own validation class that would allow me to check if the data was present as well as correct. If the data is not in the correct format, the color of the text is changed to help the user identify the problem. Some of these fields are required while others are not.

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This information is then stored in a SQLite database.

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