Updating bios with cd

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Because of the slow demise of the floppy disk drive, the current method is to either use a bootable CD or a self-contained BIOS flashing executable such as Win Flash.This all started when I slapped my system together.Everything booted up in a breeze however my main problem all started when I tried to install Windows Vista.At the beginning of the installation it told me that my CD/DVD Rom required a driver to continue the installation.EDIT: I haven't bought it yet, so i'm open to suggestions if you think I should buy a different SDD.

For example, Crucial M4's firmware update seems to be fairly simple: install the OS and then just run the update utility.(there's the option of using a different installer with USB but no reason to choose that when the previous method is simpler... Unless of course, there's some technical problems)However, for OCZ SSDs firmware update toolbox requires the OS to not run from the SSD.Even worse, the firmware update for Vertex 4 is a destructive flash and I'm understanding that means it erases everything. Does the USB/CD method work for OCZ firmware update if I choose them as bootdrives?Also, as I said I'm building a new computer, and if the USB/CD method indeed does work, can I stick it in the my newly built computer before installing anything(including OS) and be able to run the firmware update toolbox?Below is step by step instructions on how to create the bootable CD using Ahead's Nero Burning ROM.Step 1: Download the Floppy disk version BIOS update for your notebook and save it to a temporary folder.

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Sounding rather illogical I googled the situation and found that other were having the same issues with NEC CD/DVD combo drives.

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