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Some just show their goods, but others bring out their sexytoys and masturbate while the camera is still rolling and some also taking nude selfie in bathroom during shower for their boyfriend. I bet you’ve never seen so much kinky stuff collected in one single place.There are 4 general characteristics that will aid you in sexing Tincs.Although visually sexing dart frogs is by no means an exact science, by using the presented guidelines along with the experience that will come with time, an experienced dart frog keeper can make accurate predictions on the sex of the animals before they are sexually mature.They typically mature at around 12-18 months of age.With most locales in the trade, an educated guess about sex can be made at 8-10 months of age.The following hints and tips are meant to help you in establishing the sex of your anuran pets. These frogs are one of the most popular species in the Dendrobatid hobby, and for good reason.

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Dart frogs, like many frogs, can be difficult to sex based on outward appearance.

Sure, we all know males call and females lay eggs, but how can you tell who is who just by looking at them?

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