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Some times the artist and title is blank or it will display the correct information until the next track and it doesn't update until I press the channel button. I've updated my firmware on my RNS over a year or so ago to SW1140 with no issues - until last week.Also received the 'GCI update' and 'Antenna Error' messages. The only thing different is daylight savings happened at the same time period. Sirius just added new channels (example 115) but they don't show up on my radio even after getting a refresh signal from Sirius and the message "updating channels" on my radio. Hi, Sorry if this has been covered (I searched and did not find). On a 45 minute commute its a pain not to have music for so long. I think that the "updating channels" messages happen pretty infrequently, and they usually only last for a minute or two.I think that the "updating channels" messages happen pretty infrequently, and they usually only last for a minute or two.I'm getting one of three errors every time I start the car, but only if the radio was left on a Sirius satellite station - Errors: 1) Antenna Error, 2) GCI Update, 3) Updating Channels. I know this is an Audi forum but I was recommended by [Tex S4] to post here as there might be a good contact or two in DFW with a VAG-COM. I had an UPDATING CHANNELS message this morning, 5/25 for about 25 minutes. Your situation defintiely sounds like it was not the norm. I wonder if the updates take longer if the signal gets blocked at all during the update process.But, I don't think that should cause a problem - grabbing at straws, this doesn't make any sense why this is happening. My 2008 535xi has the Sirius XM receiver, which I've always used.A frustration has been that as Sirius XM has upgraded their selections, they often push a software upgrade out to their receivers to update the channel line... I will bringing it to the car I'm installing it in at Christmas.

Started seeing the 'updating channels' message almost every time I start the car on my RNS510.I could listen to it for about half a minute or so and then it would go to FM Radio. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was driving while it was updating? - AFE Momentum GT Intake, SOLO Performance Exhaust, 20% Tint, Black Carbon Fiber Racing Stripes, tinted tails, Oracle LED sidemarkers, BT catchcan and underhood bling, Rennen Forged RL-55x wheels, Nitto NT555 G2 tires Do you even lift? It auto switches back to whatever radio band you were last listening to.I drove around for 30 minutes and tried it a couple of times and it kept doing it. Pulled the car out of the garage this morning, turned it to Sirius and let it do the updating while the car was sitting there. Around here while driving I listen to AM 680 - so it defaults back to AM in my case.Moments later the "Updating Channels" disappeared and it was working normally again. I did notice that if I didn't listen to SAT right after starting the car, it seemed to be okay, almost like it updated in the background without interruption.I have noticed though, after the update, that I seem to lose signal a lot more than before.

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For those of you who have Sirius XM, can you please tell me how many times you see the message, updating channels, on the radio/nav display.

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