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Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt MP Grade (36,000-50,000 Da). Accelerate IBD research using the world's most potent & effective intestinal inflammation reagent in the industry. (More Information)Kit accurately measures lipid peroxides in foods and oils. We offer a wide range of Alkaline Phosphate, Horeseradish Peroxidase, Streptavidin, Avidin, Biotin, Protein A and G conjugated reagents for Immunodetection.

Lipid peroxides are indicators of primary oxidative degradation. Use your own buffers or with Fast Prep Instruments.(More Information)Efficiently isolate bacterial, fungal, plant and animal genomic DNA from metagenomic samples. (More Information)High performance chromatographically purified Bovine plasma proteins manufactured under a c GMP Certified Quality System and ISO 9001 conditions.

The Recommended Retest Date is the end of a period of time during which the batch is expected to remain within established specifications if stored under Formedium Ltd’s defined conditions.

The Retest Period has been established by review of the product’s or a comparable product’s history.

Look to Alfa Aesar for fine and specialty chemicals produced and packaged to your specifications.We will get right back with you to discuss all of your requirements. The packaging sizes and containers listed are the most common.We offer many different containers and fill options for virtually every solution and reagent – as long as they are compatible with the contents.With over 50 years of production experience, our custom capabilities are unsurpassed.Request a Quote Search by the exact chemical structure of your desired molecule or draw part of the structure (sub-structure) and all molecules containing that sub-structure will be listed in your results.

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The Recommended Retest Date for individual lots may be extended subject to quality review.

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