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Sharon dating game

FOR DECADES, COSMOLOGISTS HAVE failed to nail down the age of the universe more precisely than to say it's somewhere between 7 billion and 20 billion years-not a pretty sight in a profession that prides itself on knowing the ineffable down to the last decimal place.

But now the researchers are closing in on the cosmic age. The most recent age estimates are less than the age of some stars--which is like having 6 billion-year-old fossils in hand and then inferring that Earth is 4.8 billion years old.

And to thank her fans for the birthday love on social media - she was called everything from 'amazing' and 'beautiful' to a 'great actress' - the Basic Instinct vet shared a sweet message to Instagram: 'Really appreciate the kind birthday messages on social media....

By Arielle Aronson, She's Game Sports Theyre calling it a Cinderella story: for the first time in school history, Sharon High School won a Super Bowl thanks to a 12-3 win over Wayland High.

Astronomers have battled over the age of the universe ever since Edwin Hubble discovered, in 1929, that the universe is expanding and so must have originated in a big bang.

Since then, calculations of how long ago this explosion of space-time occurred have see-sawed between 7 billion and 20 billion years.

“I’m available for dating,” the 56-year-old mother of three told Extra Wednesday.

“What happened is my kids have reached the age where I feel comfortable to date. who needs a bunch of people running in and out of their lives?

But Horgan says she's way less easygoing than the character Sharon, while Delaney points out that the character Rob's libido is eight times greater than his own.Last week Wendy Freedman of the Carnegie Observatories and 18 colleagues announced, in the journal Nature, that observations with the refurbished Hubble Space Telescope imply that the universe is 8 billion years young.Since some stars are 16 billion years old, says astronomer George Jacoby of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories in Tucson, Ariz., cosmology is "in a time of crisis." Last week's low estimate is no fluke.Back for a second season (now streaming on Amazon Prime), the couple in faces more challenges than ever: two kids, a useless in-law in Carrie Fisher and temptations that could lead to a break-up.And yet Horgan and Delaney maintain that the Rob and Sharon of the show have a model relationship.

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