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Sharepoint user validating

Azure AD B2C is a hyper-scalable standards-based authentication and user storage mechanism typically aimed at consumer or customer scenarios. Whereas “regular” Azure AD is normally meant to house identities for a single organization, B2C is designed to host identities of external users.

In my opinion, it’s the best alternative to writing your own authentication mechanism (which no one should ever do!

Share Point 2010 introduced Claims-based-Authentication (CBA), also present in Share Point 2013.

CBA consists of authentication abstraction, using a Secure Token Service (STS), and identification of users with multiple attributes –claims – not just the traditional username and password pair. A typical STS implementation communicates over HTTPS, and packages user identity information (claim data) via signed and encrypted XML – Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Also, enjoy the freedom to choose which documents you need to move to cloud, allowing you to prioritize your most important files.Out-of-the-box, B2C doesn’t yet support Ws Fed or SAML 1.1 and Share Point doesn’t support Open ID Connect.This leaves us needing a tool that can bridge B2C to Share Point by acting as an OIDC relying party (RP) to B2C and a Ws Fed Identity Provider (Id P) to Share Point.Example: Maybe you created a sign-up list and to get creative, you added a fancy button to your page which points to Such was the case while working through some final tweaks on the Community Kit for Share Point: User Group Edition 1.0 with Lawrence, he let me in on an interesting tip which I think others will also find quite useful so I wanted to share it here.The tip is that you can easily redirect users to a custom page/url after they have completed the form by appending a ?

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The following third-party solutions will help Share Point Administrators to migrate or consolidate content. Features As with mailbox migrations, Migration Wiz enables companies to move from an older version of Share Point to Share Point Online, skipping the traditional upgrade path that would otherwise be required.