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In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl in Dallas in 2011, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott called the game both "the greatest show on Earth" and "the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States." He didn't have to look hard for supporters.Dallas Police Sergeant Louis Felini told The Dallas Morning News that between 50,000 and 100,000 prostitutes were expected to come into town.Left behind is a town that is "heartbroken," lifelong resident Lois Glewwe said."That's the way we all feel," said Glewwe, who had never met Babbitt but knows his father, Dana, a retired South St.Paul High School principal and school district superintendent.

Texas ramped up its law enforcement, targeting pimps and johns. Before Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona, Cindy Mc Cain — wife of Sen.

The 72-year-old called the allegations "quite an embarrassment for South St.

Paul.""I don't have a lot of time for those kinds of shenanigans," he said.

About 73% of Minnesota’s population, numbering more than 3.9 million people, lives in an urban geography.

Eleven percent, or nearly 609,000 people, lives in or nearby large towns with 10,000-49,999 residents.

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