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Rene rene from aqua dating

She plays the part of Karin, the girlfriend of the private detective Varg Veum. 24/01/2010 : Nystrom Lene (Aqua vocalist) was elected best dressed celebrity by Norwegian magazine "Se og Hr" (thanks to Aqua fan page).09/11/2003 : Lene Nystrom, ex Aqua vocalist, released her first solo album, called Play With Me, following her first single Its Your Duty. Her preferred groups are Kid Rock, Savage Garden and Bloodhound Gang. She likes futurist cars such as the Smart, but she drives a Wrangler Jeep, a motorcycle, an old BMW and a Jaguar. I've over 30 of them with the same design.' She reckons they bring her luck; since she started wearing them, the band's first international hit, Barbie Girl, has done phenomenally well, earning the band gold and platinum discs all over the world; even in the States.More news You are using some kind of Ad Block-like software, which blocks ads and captchas on this website. Her favoured movies are Stargate, Ford Fairlane and The Big Blue. As for her temper, she tells : 'I'm not very patient, impulsive and high tempered'. In a couple of years she would like to liveon a big farm with a lot of animals. With her outrageousdress sense, huge platform boots, cropped tops and hipsters, and that flaming shock of bright red hair, she out-spices even Geri of the Spice Girls. Funnily enough, although Lene's partly responsible for inflicting Barbie Girl on the world, she never even played with Barbie dolls when she was a kid. They should be proud to have came up with such a freaking awesome song and an even cooler video.I bet she didn't understand the lyrics...needless to say she didn't win, left the country and became a Southern Baptist living somewhere in Florida Aqua is the one hit wonder group that will always be remembered for that song...The track received recognition at the Danish Music Awards of 1998 for Danish Hit Of The Year.It dominated the music charts worldwide when it was released, and remains as the group’s biggest hit single in the U. The music video received substantial airplay through MTV, and it was directed by Peder Pedersen and Peter Stenbæk.Looking good The 47-year-old actress looked simply enamoured with her boyfriend as they headed out of the premiere's after-party at London's Aqua club, where the couple were seen giggling and whispering sweet nothings while leaving the festivities Out of hiding: A shock addition to the party was Christopher Biggins, who has not been seen in public since his ejection from the Celebrity Big Brother house for making an anti-Semitic comment last month Bridget Jones may be prone to wardrobe malfunctions and not dressing for the occasion, (need we remind you of the time she turned up to a garden party dressed as a Playboy bunny?!

The show will be recorded in November in Oslo, and should be broadcasted during Spring 2011.02/08/2010 : Lene Nystrom, Aqua frontlady, will appear in a movie series entitled Varg Veum (from writer Gunnar Staalesen's novels). Her favorite actresses are Juliette Lewis and Marilyn Monroe. even if she admits that physical aspect is very important to succeed in her job.

She was born on 10th of October 1973 in Tonsberg (Norway). Her Dad works as a supervisor for Elf in the North Sea. 'All the bitchiness and competition in the modeling world caught up with me very quickly.' It didn't take her long to decide that there were better jobs to be had in front of the camera; next, she landed a job as a children's television presenter in Norway. He heard her sing and was apparently so bowled over by her voice that he asked her if she would like to sing in the band he had formed with Claus and Soren.

The meeting led not only to Lene joining the band but also a three year relationship with Ren Dif , which ended some time ago.

If anyone is interested, I have a review of Aqua's album Aquarium. Also, Aqua did not violate Mattel's copyright on Barbie; there is no law that states their product cannot be mentioned in a song. I sincerely hope you are not really this afraid of sex, music, and Barbies and that you get a life. I have no idea who these girls are, but I find this very funny, especially the leer on their faces as they sing the male parts. Damn, Mattel or whatever that company's name is should be happy that Aqua advertized Barbie in a song. Plus, I'm glad that song exsists, so that people can realize how many dumbass blonde wannabes there are(Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, etc...) and it makes a statement. At my school we have this initiation thing for freshmen where all the freshies have to dress up in goofy costumes and kowtow to the seniors and sing some stupid song. When he says "Well barbie, we are just getting started." His voice is like totally sexy!! Aqua's most disturbing song ever, yet I cannot help but to find it funny for it disses the stereotype: "blond equals hot" in a way.

In fact, according to the first amendment, they can sing about whatever they want. The link is to a french web site, but the song is sung in English: is the worst song I've ever heard! The part where she says you can undress her anywhere is so wrong! Our song was based on "Barbie Girl." And I don't find that gay because it's a girls' school. Most people don't take Aqua serious, because they were just fun music, brainless and no need to think...

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