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Grunge legend and peerless rock vocalist Chris Cornell was found dead in a Detroit hotel room on Wednesday (May 17) night, shortly after Soundgarden performed a concert at the city's Fox Theatre.Hours after Detroit police confirmed to they were investigating his death as a possible suicide, a medical examiner ruled Cornell's death a suicide by hanging.S" on the board, it is slightly scratchy and pointed, a few shots later, "Mr.S" is written on the board in more legible, rounded handwriting. All that stuff out there is ruining the minds of people of today.Predating most of the grunge bands who would come to define the sound for the mainstream (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains), Soundgarden were an essential force in establishing the sound of grunge -- a mélange of sludge metal, punk, distorted guitars, wounded vocals and lyrics about alienation.Cornell spoke openly about his struggles with addiction, fighting both alcohol and pill dependency at various points in his life.

The female body was associated with the divinity of procreation, and for almost five centuries, the Greeks preferred to see the standing female (kore) clothed.

After, they changed it to her falling in the shower instead.

See more » In the beginning of the movie when Jack writes "Mr.

• Art of Classical Antiquity • Byzantine Art • Middle Ages Art • Renaissance Art • Baroque Art • Rococo and Neoclassical Art • 19th-Century Art • 20th-Century Art • List of Top-20 Greatest Female Nudes in the History of Art See also the greatest Male Nudes in Art History (Top 10).

The standing male nude (kouros) first became important in the sculpture of ancient Greece, which associated the male body with athletic prowess and moral excellence.

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