Nstextfield not updating

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Nstextfield not updating

I am able to make the text in the table view editable but I cannot extract that new text and update my data model (a simple array).All of the delegate methods that would easily allow this seem to be for tables that are constructed with cells rather than the views we are using.When developing for Mac, this kind of customization isn’t so simple.

I tabbed over to the field, changed the value, tabbed over to the blue “Done” button and hit Space. Click in the field; change the value; click “Done”. To follow this tutorial you’ll need the most recent version of mac OS and Xcode installed on your mac.There’s no starter project — you’ll build a great app from scratch!You might like to read Gabriel Miro’s excellent tutorial on windows and window controllers before embarking upon this view controllers tutorial, but it’s not a requirement.Enough introduction — let’s kick off with some theory!

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In this mac OS view controllers tutorial you’ll discover the wide range of functionality that is baked into vanilla view controllers, along with learning how you can create your own view controller subclasses to build up your app in an easy-to-understand manner.

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