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Muddy puddles dating

And because we can't cut to close-ups to create a mini-scene within a scene, as you can on TV, we have to fill out the action to bring all aspects of the narrative to life. The kids and the parents will accept the stage show not being exactly like the TV show. The whole point [of the stage show] is that the audience has come to be part of an interactive experience.So although it doesn't have to be exactly like the TV show, it does have to feel like the TV show.We'll go from madcap interactivity through to complete silence with every child in the theatre listening intently to the story. How long do you think it takes before you have to introduce a new element to a children's stage show to hold the children's attention? I tell you what I think: generally speaking, something new has to happen with a children's stage show every 15 to 20 seconds.As befits tradition, statement hats were the order of the day, with everything from Olympic torches to teapots providing inspiration for the headgear on show, with many racegoers clearly keeping their most magnificent outfits for the occasion.

Well, this is just layman's psychology – I'm not an expert, although I have probably watched every single episode of Peppa Pig ever made – but I think the key to Peppa's success is its simplicity, which somehow connects with a child's instinctive self at that age. While I was working on a stage adaptation of Peppa, someone once asked me, "Why don't you just adapt the first ever TV episode, 'Muddy Puddles'?

Taking your dog for a walk can be one of life's simple pleasures that enables you to get fresh air, soak up the sunshine and have a bit of company.

The downside, however, is that dogs can be exceptionally messy and that they often like to meander off the designated walking route and into muddy puddles.

If you look at a lot of children's programmes and imagery that comes from Japanese and Korean animation studios, it's very bright and bold and action-packed. There's a gentleness on the eye with Peppa Pig that appeals to young children in a way those other children's programmes don't. " But, as I told them, if you watch 'Muddy Puddles' you'll see that it only contains something like 15 to 20 sentences.

Lots of children's show are 'wham, bam, yeah, we're here, we're there, we'll do that'. Peppa, on the other hand, has a gentle colour palette. Stage action needs more dialogue to make a scene work.

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Beautiful in blue: These friends colour co-ordinated their outfits for today's meet.

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