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On the other hand, you'll spend almost all your time with the Revue's full-size wireless keyboard in hand.

Now, you can use your i Phone, i Pod touch or i Pad to control your Google TV experience.Well, the answer to this question was "No," because Hulu promptly blocked Google's product from accessing its streams, along with CBS and others.I forgot about my quest and Google TV over the year -- resigned to my laptop being forever tethered to the TV -- until two things caught my eye.We've already covered Google TV as a platform, so let's take a closer look at the Revue to see if Logitech's riff on the connected TV is worthy of its lead-dog status. There are IR emitters at the corners that allow the Revue's Harmony software to control additional A/V equipment like a TV or receiver, and around back you'll find power, optical audio out, Ethernet, two USB ports, HDMI in and out, a Bluetooth pairing button and two optional IR blaster ports in case your setup prevents the built-in emitters from reaching your other gear.(There's a wired blaster in the box, if you need it.) The power brick itself is relatively unobtrusive, but we always prefer our home theater gear to have integrated power supplies -- it's not the end of the world, but the external brick adds bit of clutter to an already wire-intensive product.

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Connectivity is handled via Ethernet or 802.11n Wi Fi, but there's no 5GHz support, which is disappointing, since Intel chipsets generally handle it just fine.

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