Lil wayne and nivea dating

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Lil wayne and nivea dating

This makes it almost commendable that he is so open with that aspect of his life, being only 16 when he had his first child.

I'm well dressed, Chanel dress, oh hell yes, I'm that miss, I'm real real wet can You feel that go tell that to that trick, LS that's how less that's drop top for you square chicks I know he feelin me and I know he want me [Lil Wayne:] I'm nicely crisp, White T s dots icey white rose gold ruby red price is right white ice All in Christ's head, and then I sped up in that all nojia I've gon off paint real wet conceled' tet [Hook:] [Wayne:] I know she feelin' me I no she wantin' me [Wayne:] She feelin me [Nivea:] I'm feelin you [Wayne:] She wantin me [Nivea:] I'm wantin you [Wayne:] I'm feelin her [Nivea:] You feelin me [Wayne:] I'm wantin her [Nivea:] He wantin me [Hook:] [Wayne:] My name is?Don’t Miss: Justin Bieber girlfriend, Daniel Radcliffe How tall is Taylor Swift Drake height, Zendaya age, Shaq height, How tall is Shaq, Selena Gomez height, Lil Wayne height, Vin Diesel wife, Shaquille O’Neal wife Lil Wayne’s daughter, who is popularly known as Nae Nae, is the only girl out of the bunch.The 17 year old obviously follows in ‘daddy’s footsteps’, as she also has musical talent.And I thought now would be a good time to map out Wayne’s ever-growing family tree…The new addition Baby Neal has 2 half-brothers and 1 half-sister on his dad’s side. The breakdown goes like this: Baby Neal, is the younger brother of Baby Lennox Samuel Ari, who is about 3 months old. Wayne and Lauren (below) were briefly engaged in 2007, broke up, and then procreated in 2008.(UPDATE: an inside source says that Baby Lennox is actually called Baby Sam) Baby Neal also has another older brother, Baby Dwayne Michael Carter III.

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I was wondering the other day what the status of Nivea’s cervix was….seeing as how, according to various gossip blogs, she’s been in labor 3-4 times already, lol.

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