Kelly rowland is dating

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Kelly rowland is dating

, but considering the number of people he beat out, he's a big winner to us!

I know exactly what the moment felt like so I just wanted him to--whatever he was feeling, he's allowed to feel that way." We hope Jeff wasn't feeling too down, but we bet Kelly's Christmas gift cheered him up a bit. "The note that came with the guitar means as much to me as the guitar does," Jeff told us.

"Our chemistry has already proven to be good, whether it was onstage or in the studio. Inspired by the site’s relationship advice column to find “the one,” Gabby and Nell embark on their own journeys towards the elusive “10th date,” the Holy Grail in the dating world when women believe men are finally committed.As the ladies navigate the ups and downs of modern dating, romance, exes and friendships, they learn what they really want out of life and love.There’s a storyline about bi-sexuality in the film and the writer asked about this particular character and I shared my thoughts on how the fictional character could have handled the situation better in the film.I’m only making this statement to my fans as everyone knows that I’ve always embraced the LGBTQ community and have absolutely nothing but LOVE for my LGBTQ family,” Rowland wrote.

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Music’s own Pusha T with the following caption: “I love you baby! Is that normal for people who are “just friends” to caption photos together like that?

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