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Kaspersky updating

The first time a tried to do it, it came up with a message saying that there was a bad image in the win32or something. They told me to write in update source page in menu. As a matter of fact as time passed after the installation of Kaspersky, it started to take a toll on my ram usage but Norton remained constant with it's good performance so eat your own words and do some research on your own before you jump on the band wagon of these marketing gimmicks fanboy. I think I may try Trend Micro or some other software once my licence expires in 382 days.I thought it might be conflicting with AVG free, so i removed that and tried to do it again, but it goes no further than %2 Should i just forget about kaspersky and get Norton or one of the free internet security programs? I do need a qood internet security software as I do internet banking all the time and do a lot of downloading too. Norton goes beyond the call of duty and tries to erase any file with a suspicious name. As far as the comment goes that Norton detects suspicious files and erase threats, isn't erasing threats the job of an antivirus?Windows 10 prompts to install a new version of anti-virus from third parties like Kaspersky after an update, but it disables the old version if it’s not compatible.“We first temporarily disabled some parts of the AV software when the update began,” explains Lefferts.The Russian company has now filed a number of regulatory complaints to right what it sees as a tremendous wrong.

First, you need a computer running Kaspersky Antivirus with a working Internet Connection.

Now, you need to copy that folder on your external USB stick, hard drive, DVD etc.

As you can see in the following image, there are two things: the folder that contains the updated database and also the same setup file with the antivirus running on my computer.

Just recently, Kaspersky has made a similar filing in both the European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office.

According to the complaints, Microsoft has a habit of disabling Kaspersky’s products during system updates. Kaspersky contends Defender is an inferior product, but that’s really what you would expect it to say.

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Know that you will most likely never even encounter most of these so-called threats, reality is that a computer can do just fine without any antivirus installed in the system unless you are some sleazy pervert who likes to surf a lot of adult streaming websites or risky websites to download cracks, patches, sql injections for hacking and what not.