Is adrienne maloof still dating sean stewart

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Sean had wanted to pitch her a business idea and the two just hit it off.” Oh! And Adrienne, whose financial empire is collapsing all around her, is entertaining young men whose businesses need financing.Apparently, we were misled about Sean and he is really hiding an acute business acumen from the general public.Stewart, whose mom is Alana Hamilton is a musician and occasional reality star whose credits include Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Adrienne is in the process of divorcing plastic surgeon Paul Nassif.The once-warring pair has announced they’ve settled all their financial and custody issues, and assuming nothing changes, the divorce will be finalized at the end of February.It was a great platform, and for me the second chapter of my life I think you’ll find to be quite impressive.” Adrienne split from husband, Paul Nassif, last July after nearly ten years of marriage—their divorce was finalized November Meanwhile, will Adrienne be gracing our TV screens again anytime soon—well…. “I’ve got offers left and right for a reality television show and I’m doing a feature film with Dreamworks.” Maloof says.“I would, and you’ll have to stay tuned…It’s there, I can’t talk about it yet.

When she asked him how the sex was, he responded, “It was good. I mean, i don’t want to get into that because I’m a gentleman.” Brandi said, “I think Adrienne’s really nice. I thought that was low and it’s why I lost respect for her.” Thank you to Reality Tea for the transcript.

“I met her, we became friends, I was there for her and her kids while she was going through a rough time. I have nothing bad to say,” Stewart said of Maloof, adding, “I do want to clear up one rumor, she never broke my heart.

I’ve only been in love once and I remain in love with that same girl.

Six months after announcing their split in July, Maloof was spotted out and about with Stewart, who at 31 years old is nearly twenty years her junior—and, despite reports of a break-up back in March, the two are still going strong.

"Age should be irrelevant," the 51-year-old tells the website. There's plenty of men who date younger women, and you don't hear much about that, and to make a big deal the other way around I think is very sexist… it was refreshing to go out with him after being in a ten year marriage where obviously it got difficult." It's easy to see what Sean sees in the super sexy 51-year-old mother-of-three!

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