Interactive adult webcam

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Interactive adult webcam

I love a man who can watch porn with me, and share his pleasures and fantasies openly. that is so much fun and really realy really turns me on!

I also like to chat and get to know one another on a more personal level.

One-on-one private videochat is i Friends' signature feature, and something offered by all the models on our site.

Just select "Take Me Private" when you want to try that feature — the results of spending time together that way can be amazing!

While she may not have fully anticipated (or welcomed) the resulting notoriety, her personal openness will be forever correlated with sexuality; and credited with ushering in the era of every girl (and guy) being able to broadcast their sexuality worldwide, for both fun and profit.

Jenni Cam was a cultural phenomenon that was quickly embraced by other models and companies, such as i Friends (which is still in operation today), and which may have been the first widely used platform to aggregate individual cam operators into one network — allowing anyone to set up a live webcam, and bringing together the technology, traffic and payment processing services performers needed to profit.

With that being said, anecdotal reports indicate that live webcam revenues may account for as much as a third or more of online adult revenues today — making cams a multi-billion dollar business.

This abundance of opportunity has attracted a wide range of players old and new to the cam market — with many adult companies getting in on cams not only to survive, but to thrive.

Widely regarded as the first adult cam site, 1996’s launch of Jenni Cam offered a glimpse into Jenni’s daily life — including her sex life.

Mark Twain said it best when he famously referred to “liars, damn liars and statistics,” the former two best describing any numbers attributable to the adult industry, which is overwhelmingly made up of privately held companies that have no beneficial reason to report actual revenues.

While many numbers are tossed about, quantifying porn’s revenues is impossible.

We can only promise that 7 days a week.) , we encourage you to make yourself at home by filling out the simple, secure signup page letting us know you're an adult.

Then you're free to enjoy unlimited access to the best adult cams on i Friends.

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