Hakon sveinsson dating

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Hakon sveinsson dating

"The Younger Edda", the work of the Icelandic historian and statesman Snorri Sturluson (1178-1241), is a treatise on poetics for the guidance of the skalds or Icelandic poets.The title "Edda" is given to this work in the most important manuscript which we possess of it, the "Upsala Codex ", dating from about 1300. The older explanation of "great-grandmother" is now generally discarded, the most commonly accepted rendering being "poetics" (from óthr , "spirit", "reason").

Many have disputed the revolutionary conclusions of Dumezil, but the significance of his keen observations cannot be questioned.

Appended to this are the "Bragaroedhur" (Bragi's Sayings), stories about Odhin and Thor, related by Bragi, the god of poetry, to the sea-god Aegir.

(2) "Skaldskaparmál" (Diction of Poetry) is a collection of poetic paraphrases ( kenningar ) and synonyms ( ókend heti ), interspersed with mythological and legendary stories.

Crawdaddy Simone, Femi Gange, Make Up og Langsomt Mot Nord er også band som preger Oslos rockemiljø.

Og Tiriltunga med musikanter fra Telemark og Hallingdal har inspirert bandet Langsomt Mot Nord. En presentasjon av 5 Oslo-band, som viser bredden i bandmiljøet i Oslo.

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