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A small number of Mountain Jews have settled in Moscow, Leningrad, and other Russian cities. The word "Tat," of Turkish origin, was originally not an ethnic but a social-class designation.

The Turkish conquerors of the Middle Ages used it to designate the Persian-speaking peasants whom they had subdued and who paid them tribute.

Modern ignorance of these languages and their exact relations with later recorded languages hampers investigation of this question, however.

R.), Kabardian (East Circassian, in the Kabard-Balkar A. 281-93), which suggests that there may have been contact between Northwest Iranian and Northeast Caucasian (Dagestanian) languages in prehistoric times.

Political and cultural influence from the Iranian empires was already apparent in Transcaucasia in pre-Christian times.

Mountain Jews are distinct from Georgian Jews of the Caucasus Mountains.

The two groups are culturally and ethnically different, speaking different languages and having many differences in customs and culture.

Les Juifs des montagnes sont glamours, la preuve: le magazine sur papier glacé « Baku », dont la rédactrice en chef n’est autre que Leïla Alieva (la fille aînée du couple présidentiel), leur consacre un reportage d’une dizaine de pages dans son numéro hiver 2014/2015.

Mais qui sont les Juifs des montagnes (en russe en azéri) et à Oghuz (anciennement Vartachen).

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