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Getzen serial number dating

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I found 1 guy who has had one and he couldn't find anything out about it. Dating the serial number puts it at 1992 but Getzen says nothing about it.

The only other thing I've found is a reference to Bob Ceccarini making a custom horn with Getzen a while back and it being in limited production. So if anyone knows anything about it please let me know, I'm dieing to hear about my horn.

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This list was created by Gordon Cherry and is reproduced here with his kind permission.

Polished silver plate; this one is very clean, and doesn't look like it has a lot of use on it; not a lot of "scratching". ) The original (2006) sales info MSRP was 00 and that it was originally 80 in the store (back in 2003-2006 when these were made). Bach "Soloist" Lacquered, Solid Intermediate model from the 70's or '80's. Very, Very early Elkhart, manufactured in the year or so after the move from Mt. Excellent compression, loud pop when 2nd valve removed. One at 0 has Anderson Replated Valves (so the valves are like new). Both have original cases and come with the Bach mouthpiece of your choice.

00Bach Stradivarius Model 43, #111445 (1975) Solid, Excellent, pre-strike Strad; Mid 70's is an excellent period for these Bach Strads. It most closely resembles our Bach 180S37 (Bach Stradivarious Model 37 trumpet)” Specs: Bach Professional Trumpet Model LTR-500S .459" med/lrg bore Gold Plated trim Single Piece Original Bell So, this is a trumpet that was made possibly during the infamous Bach worker “Strike”, made like and resembles, and plays very much like an expensive very collectible and much sought after Bach Stradivarious Model 37 Bb trumpet (with the same or similar gold valve top and bottom caps, the thumb hook, the very Bach-like Third Slide “Stop” screw/nut assembly, the .459" med/lrg bore, and general appearance! Not a lot of these made back then; was probably a foray into the Intermediate range by Bach. 0.00 Bach Stradivarius Model 37, #31710 (1965) Lacquered (original). Some lacquer missing, a little spotty yes, but serviced and in good shape. 95 Bach TR200, We have two of these fine, solid intermediate trumpets, both silver plated, and very affordable. This is a special horn, with a rich, deep, loud sound.

50Bach Stradivarius Model 37, #428729 (1994) Very clean lacquered model, serviced; excellent Pre-Strike model; from the 1990’s great reputation.

Comes with Bach mouthpiece, or another one of your choice!

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Although many may think the serial number is just a random number unique to each unit, it actually contains lots of technical information about the unit!

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