Foxpro server sql updating

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Just in case this was some anomaly based on the fact I was attempting to update the field I was filtering on, I tried this: Which reported as having updated 1 record but changed nothing. Is there some sort of post-command process I need to invoke, like there is when you mark records for deletion and then have the actual delete step? Has the same effect - it says it's replaced 4 million records, but the data doesn't seem to change.

I have discovered that I cannot seem to add fields to the table either, which suggests some kind of lock. It may be that the table structure is only one character for the gender as one can only be either biologically Male or Female and the short reference of "M" or "F" respectively.

I have 2 dbf tables and I need to update the 1st table based from the 2nd table values.

I am able to do it in SQL server and I need help on Visual Foxpro.

VFP is just not nagging you that you are trying to write a larger string value than the column in the table can handle and thus only keeping the "F" out of "FEMALE" attempt.

If you want the output in some report to show the full gender reference, you could do something like this in your sql query to get the data.

We're migrating our legacy system based Visual Fox Pro to Java, and we need to configure the SQL Server to CRUD the DBF files of the system, because we'll rewrite the system in parts.

So the employees will use both interfaces in the same time and we need real-time updates in both systems.

Three-tier is a variant of n-tier: A calls B calls C, and so on. With server farms and ASP applications, there can be several data tiers, a page generation tier, and so forth. SQL Server, on the other hand, has complex security built in. In today's increasingly risky environment, users can and will demand improved security. If all you have is MSDE, it will work fine, but you have to create the database, indexes, and logins programmatically, and it's just a little harder to learn some SQL tasks nonvisually. It "listens" for requests from workstations, does what is asked of it, and sends any result set back to the workstation.

Find out how to use a data access layer in Fox Pro, which gives you the ability to use DBFs, SQL Server, a Web Connection XML server, or XML Web services. In this chapter, you'll discover that In this chapter, we'll build a data access layer to communicate with either DBFs or SQL Server.

Even if you haven't started using three-tier data access in Fox Pro, you certainly have heard of it. And we'll build it in such a way that there is absolutely no code to change when you move from DBFs to SQL tables.

specifies the name of a database other than the database specified with the data source containing the table.

You must include the name of the database containing the table if the database is not the current one. ) delimiter after the database name and before the table name.

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I tried this: And VFP reported it had updated 4221674 records (the expected number) in about ten seconds.