Erode dating Chatportal swinger

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Erode dating

Many commenters agreed, but some argued that removing the date from blog posts dramatically increased search traffic. Does dating your posts somehow limit their ability to attract traffic?

Is the whole notion of evergreen content undermined by dates that gradually erode the value many readers place upon it? I’m afraid I also automatically look for the date of a post before reading, or even before clicking through from the search engine results.

And two out of five people don’t manage to get six hours of sleep, the minimum needed to safeguard physical and mental health. Forgive my scepticism, but in my experience, people lie about how little they sleep, the same way they lie about how little they drink.

They might not intentionally set out to dissemble, but they’re just feeling a bit petulant about not getting enough.

Why, my husband has been known to happily barter away every last one of his human rights, in return for 40 winks piled up in a wheelbarrow.

Certain universal rules apply: thus a hedonistic lie-in is something that must be earned, while a lovely afternoon nap must be stolen.

Thankfully that Flood will never be repeated, and lies beyond even our imagination.

My recent article for Chief Content Officer magazine on Facebook’s Edge Rank—Beware the Social Media Algorithm Chasers—was only in print for about a month before Facebook updated its algorithm, immediately making my column less relevant.

Kodumanal is a village located in the Erode district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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Sleep is the most precious currency in family life once children come along.