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As a child, Franny’s life is changed when her parents divorce, her mother remarries, and she is suddenly part of a blended family of siblings and situations.This is a tender and heartbreaking novel about the dissolution of families, the creation of new relationships, and the effect this has on the children involved.- This is a thriller of quantum proportions based on the many-worlds theory of quantum mechanics, which states that every possible outcome can and does occur.[Cyn and I] actually recently made our mothers meet and it was a liberating moment because I really don’t care what the world thinks.

Morus(my personal favorite character) is a rather clueless, but has a dry sense of humor who never goes home and is the best friend of Marcus. I think its funny that a twelve year old kid can out smart his father, his brother and almost everyone else, except his sister. Yvette seems too smart for her on good (about the only person TJ can't outsmart in the show! To sum up this review I say if you want a quick comedy fix, Go with this! However, sometimes being a super-genius can give the kid a tough life. J's only and older brother whose hobbies are writing music and, apparently, dating girls, for what I can remember. It's very hard not to like (unless you've seen one episode about a thousand times! TJ is quite funny and Marcus and Mo bring Teenage Guy Humour to the table. The Third season saw the cast really come into their characters giving the show a more mature feel. Yvette is the Junior overachiever of the family, other than the main focused character, T. He is a very clever ten year old sophomore in high school.We must disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country." Introducing members of his economic team: "This isn't about big government or small government.It's about building a smarter government that focuses on what works.

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Marcus (Jason Weaver), TJ's brother and his best friend, Mo (Omar Gooding, who is the brother of Cuba Gooding Jr.) are both failing high school and are really funny when they chase every cute girl in school. TJ is pretty good too except in episodes where he is supposed to be 12 he looks 8. With John Marshall Jones as Floyd, the supportive single father, Jason Weaver as Marcus, T. I never met anyone who didn't love this show but for some reason it never made it. The show also had a funny supporting cast including the white guy Mackie and the crazy gym teacher, Coach Gerber. must tutor a dumb and violent basketball star and turns him into a Gandhi worshiper -When T. meets a young girl Brandy and Mo and Marcus pimp him out -When T. and MO must marry for a class assinemnt and the guys build Yvette a bathroom I love this show so much Tahj Mowry who plays T. is a 10 year old who skips 6 grades and transfers to piedmont high with his brother and sister Yevette and Marcus and Marcus really is the one who is having the problem because t.j.