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Dating vintage stetson hats

Other early hats were the Pileus, a simple skull cap; the Phrygian cap, worn by freed slaves in Greece and Rome; and the Greek Pestasos, the first known hat with a brim.Women wore veils, kerchiefs, hoods, caps and wimples.Really, wearing hats does make the world a bit of a better place!It’s true that wearing a hat these days can take quite a bit of courage.Nowadays, you can wear them with anything—from a plain white t-shirt to a form-fitting suit.So read on, and learn how best to top your outfits off without just throwing on your old faded ball-cap. Sure, I had worn winter caps and slouchy berets before, but the first time I took a real chance and wore a vintage hat in public, I was terrified. Although stepping away from the mirror and stepping out in public, I was so close to giving up on the whole silly New Year’s resolution. But it was 2010, and this was the year I had firmly resolved to wear more hats.

Demand for Resistol hats continued and today "the small hat factory" is the largest manufacturer of headwear in the world, as a part of Hatco, Inc.One that seamlessly blends in with your wardrobe and makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn reincarnate. Some might say the most important thing to consider when choosing a hat is your face type.But I believe the most important factor in hat selection is your personal style.Pair this Dockers number with our selection of summer menswear style essentials and you’ll be ready to tackle to dog days of summer all season long.; buy now at Before the armies of Reddit claimed the fedora as their standard issue uniform, it was, believe it or not, a classic menswear essential.

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Millinery was traditionally a womans occupation, with the milliner not only creating hats and bonnets but also choosing lace, trimmings and accessories to complete an outfit.