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Dating shell gorget

Archaeological research is entering a golden age and it’s not because archaeologists are digging.

As most of you probably know, excavation in a prehistoric or historic site is a destructive process.

Once the site has been excavated, it is gone forever.

Researchers now know the site was much more complex and that Mound A, the largest, left, had at least four sizeable structures and a courtyard that date to the height of Etowah's power between 13.From left, Emman Spain of the Muscogee Nation's cultural preservation office; Chester P.Walker of Archaeo-Geophysical Associates, LLC; and Dan Bigman, a University of Georgia graduate student.There are several types of discarded shells they used for different items.The most common shell used by our ancestors was the lightning whelk In this lesson we will describe how to make one of these Mississippian shell gorgets.

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