Dating persian coins

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About 1,400 years ago in Israel, a bag holding nine bronze coins was carefully hidden inside a niche in a building's wall.Untouched since then, the coin cache recently emerged during excavations for a highway expansion near Ein Hemed, a national park located about 4 miles (7 kilometers) west of Jerusalem.The Rise of Persia It was the Medes who were the first to form an Iranian nation, and the Median Empire, established in around 625 BC, included most of modern-day Iran and stretched from Cappadocia (in modern-day Turkey) to Bactria, near the River Indus (in modern-day Pakistan).During this time, Persia was a vassal kingdom within the Median Empire, although the Persian and Median ruling dynasties were inter-related.The manner in which the coins were found suggests they were deposited in a niche of the wall inside a purse for safekeeping before the building was destroyed, she said.The history of Ancient Greek coinage can be divided (along with most other Greek art forms) into four periods, the Archaic, the Classical, the Hellenistic and the Roman.The structure where the coins were found is part of a larger site that encompasses land on both sides of the highway. About a year ago, excavations across the highway revealed the remains of a Byzantine church.It likely represents property that was abandoned by the owners during a time of danger, possibly the Persian invasion in A. 614, which brought an end to Byzantine rule in the area, Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) representatives said in a statement describing the new discoveries. Experts suspected that it was once a historic settlement called Einbikumakube, a word that echoes in the present name of a nearby Arab village, called Beit Naquba.

A variety of tours and lectures is held in the museum, and in the near future virtual tours around the Museum will be possible as well.

Just over 150 years later, Alexander III, King of Macedon, conquered Persia and incorporated it into his Empire.

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During the excavation last summer, archaeologists dug up the remains of a basilica, a monumental building and an adjacent winepress.

“The coins were found adjacent to the external wall of one of the monumental buildings found at the site, and it was found among the building stones that collapsed from the wall,” Landes-Naggar said.

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[Image Gallery: Ancient Treasure Trove Revealed] "It seems that during a time of danger, the owner of the hoard placed the coins in a cloth purse that he concealed inside a hidden niche in the wall," Annette Landes-Nagar, the IAA director of the excavation, said in the statement. The IAA and Netivei Israel, the national company responsible for developing transportation infrastructure, will collaborate to conserve the site and protect it as a landmark, Amit Shadman, the district archaeologist for Judah, said in the statement.

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