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The Somali National Army, along with African Union troops, on Sunday launched a long-awaited offensive against al Qaeda-linked Somali rebels and captured the town of Jowhar, the AU and residents said. Along the lush sea-islands and the Atlantic coastal plains of the southern East coast of America, a distinctive group of tidewater communities has stuck together throughout the centuries, preserving its African cultural heritage and carving out a lifestyle that is uniquely its own. Britain is withholding a multimillion-dollar aid payment to Rwanda over allegations that it is backing rebels who have been fighting government forces in neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, a minister said Friday.

American authorities are examining whether the leader of a post-revolution terror network in Egypt played a role in the September 11 attack on the U. Armed men attacked a displaced persons camp in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo early Sunday, raping women and looting at a facility where tens of thousands of people have taken refuge, a U. Members of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's M23 rebel movement said Wednesday they would withdraw from the captured city of Goma in line with a demand by regional leaders and the African Union.

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The International Criminal Court unsealed an arrest warrant Thursday for Ivory Coast's former first lady, accusing her of crimes against humanity in the aftermath of her husband's election defeat in 2010.

Sudanese authorities disrupted a plot "to create chaos, target leaders of the country and destabilize the county," in what appeared to be an attempted coup d'etat, Sudan's minister of information told reporters Thursday.

Abubakar Bakhresa, executive director of Said Salim Bakhresa & Co.

Ltd., the region’s dominant milling group, commented on the need to upgrade skills.

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Mali's president has named Diango Cissoko as the country's new interim prime minister, according to state media reports, hours after the abrupt resignation of the former prime minister following his arrest by soldiers.

Ghana's election commission announced Sunday night that the West African nation's president won re-election, though the main opposition party says it has "credible evidence" the results were manipulated. official with direct knowledge of the investigation.

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