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Enjoy a quiet dinner at one of the sleek tables that line the wall beneath full moons of pendant light, sip on a Negroni cocktail, share a bottle of wine from Spain, or stay local with various ales or porters at the modest-sized bar alongside an open kitchen.

$$$$Chez Nanou Spend an evening holed up at Chez Nanou, the east side’s delightful French bistro.

The forty-third parallel runs through Wisconsin as well as Sapporo, Japan, home of 43 North’s owner, Shinji Muramoto."Research shows that when couples complement each other in front of mutual acquaintances, it helps build bonds." There's a reason double dates are a thing -- a group dynamic can really bring out the funny in everyone. Get Active Michelle Brummel, an account manager in Madison, Wisconsin, suggests standup paddleboarding: "First one to fall off buys the drinks." Other active ideas include biking, hitting a bucket of balls at a driving range, kayaking, canoeing and sailing. Get Competitive "[My now husband] took me out for pie and cribbage," says Alisha Kirchoff, a university administrator in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. See a Live Show "There's more energy in the room and more to talk about," says Tim Marks of The KC Improv Company in Kansas City, Missouri.Wisconsin™) have come up with some romantic date ideas to check out with your significant other. What better drink of choice for a romantic getaway than wine? Trout Springs Winery is owned by husband and wife duo Steve and Andrea De Baker and offers every variation of wine you can imagine.Madison is made for love, especially at this time of year.Charming neighborhood restaurants glow, illuminating snowy streets.

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To get out of a dating rut, you can't do more of the same -- you have to strategize." 1.

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