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Dating husband wife

Our young adult sons, Justin and Miles, often borrow his clothes....

He is fit and enjoys keeping in shape."Rosenthal also points out that her husband is extremely useful around the house, a much sought after trait."If our home could speak, it would add that Jason is uncannily handy.

On the subject of food — man, can he cook," she wrote.

Kirk and Tammy Franklin love their date nights and this time around they decided to invite their oldest daughter Carrington and her husband along for double the fun.

The Georgia Department of Transportation told Channel 2 it is getting a tally on the number of accidents at the intersection.

You don't have to make it fancy if you don't have the fancy tablecloth and napkins.

It’s impossible to imagine what you would do if the doctor put a limit on the days you have left to live.

How do you prioritize a lifetime of dreams in a limited number of days?

It's never too late to start dating your husband or wife. It doesn't have to cost money to date your husband or wife.

Most married people will tell you that "dating" becomes harder to do with each child that comes along. You can call the grandparents and see if your children could spend the night there.

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Just chose a movie that you both can enjoy so the mood isn't killed for after the movie.