Dating faber castell slide rules

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Dating faber castell slide rules

Faber Castell 67/87 System Rietz five inch plastic slide rule made in 1958. I have another, dated 11/57, promotional for Caltex lubricants. A top of the range plastic slide rule with metal end braces dating from April 1966. Faber Castell 1/87 Rietz ten inch closed frame slide rule made in Germany in 1948. Unlike the later version below this variant has no scale designations printed on it.Faber Castell 369 five inch, closed frame, mahogany & celluloid, Mannheim slide rule,made in Bavaria.

Faber Castell 1/87/387 ten inch System Rietz slide rule. Its 28 scales, defined on the right hand side, are: K, T1, T2, DFD, S, ST, P//LL03, LL02, LL01, W2W1, LL1, LL2, LL3. The wood of this rule is beech, used only for a few years after WWII. Closed frame, pear wood & celluloid, made in Bavaria in 1939. Faber Castell 67/87R System Rietz five inch plastic Slide Rule with Addiator on reverse. Scales are: K, AD, L// There are inch & metric rulers on the edges. With the slide reversed the inner scales become short AD scales. A mint condition, German language rule obtained from Germany. This 20” scale length slide rule is pearwood with celluloid facings and a metal framed glass cursor. It has a green cloth covered card case and is dated 4/53. This is a Rietz rule based on the Faber Castell 167/87 dated Sept 1973. The W scales (√10X) and (√X) enable more accurate calculations to be performed than is the case with the usual C and D scales. It appears to be boxwood and the unfaced edges have inch and cm scales. Scales are: K, AD, L// There are inch & metric rulers on the edges and tables on the reverse. It has a leather case & stylus -Faber Castell 67/87Rb Rietz five inch slide rule with Addiator on the reverse. Faber Castell 111/48 Maschinenzeit ten inch plastic closed frame slide rule, made in 1966. The scales are specialist ones for calculating machining times for drilling, milling, turning, grinding, etc. Scales are: K, AD, L// There is a metric ruler on one edge. Complete with plastic display case and instructions. It has a green/clear plastic display case, instructions (in German), and a card rule with formulae on it, Its 27 scales are: T1, T2, L, AD, S, ST, P//LL03, LL02, LL01, K, DFD, LL1, LL2, LL3Faber Castell 1/22 Business Slide Rule. There are various formulae and conversion tables on the back. Today, the company operates 14 factories and 20 sales units, with six in Europe, four in Asia, three in North America, five in South America, and one each in Australia and New Zealand.the sons of his only son Wilhelm (1851–1893) (by his wife Bertha Faber , daughter of Lothar's younger brother, Eberhard , who had founded the New York branch of the company) having died young, a marriage for his granddaughter and heiress Ottilie was arranged with a scion of one of Germany's formerly ruling comital dynasties.

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