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The length kept on the sides can either add or reduce width, which in turn can elongate the face or accentuate the jaw line. It’s quite casual though – not the sharpest, most dapper look. To keep this set properly all day, blow-dry the hair. If you’ve got the patience to grow your hair a bit longer, this works well with most face shapes. It might seem a little dated for our current tastes, but the volume and texture can be easily incorporated into a contemporary style.

Take a small amount of styling paste and add a drop of water to make a smoother balm. Add a salt spray to really nail that ‘just out of the sea’ effect.

No plastic surgery, major gym time, or extensive overhauling required.” Really good to hear, right? One of the most surprising finds of the study was that “pleasantness” rated pretty highly among both sexes.

Sure, a male model is probably going to have a pretty easy time getting dates. This means being happy, positive, and friendly in attitude.

But just because you see some celebrity rocking a new, popular haircut doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

No, you want a style that will work for you—and more often than not, that means starting with one of these classic male haircuts that'll always work.

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It’s a bit high maintenance, but that’s just how Roger would like it.