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When most people get a hickey, they usually conceal it with makeup, their hair, or a cute scarf.

However, that doesn't seem to be the case for stars like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, because they...

she actually says she can't blame him 'cause she'd do the same thing. READ MORE Christina Milian and Karrueche Tran are a little late to get on the "hot babes eating burgers" train ...

but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the effort. READ MORE The Maxim Hot 100 party was blazing Saturday night, with tons of hot chicks.

Karrueche Tran is an actress, model, stylist, philanthropist, and host. She used to date Chris Brown, but they split in 2015 after she learned he fathered a child with another woman during their relationship.

In early 2017, Tran got a restraining order against Brown, claiming he threatened to kill her and that he’s been violent towards her in the past.

Instagram users were bombarding the singer with hearts, emojis and tons of “SLAY” comments – but – one comment stuck out like a douchebag sore thumb because…

It looks like Chris Brown is missing his ex Karrueche Tran!

In the singer's new song "F--- You Back to Sleep" featuring Usher and Zayn Malik, he gets real about his relationship with Karrueche and...

In the photo, Rihanna is wearing a bejeweled bikini, massive feathered wings and turquoise hair.

She featured the look at this year's Crop Over festival in her native Barbados — an event she's attended multiple times over the years.

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