Baby registry not updating

Posted by / 09-Sep-2018 02:56

I didn't start my registry till I knew when my baby shower was..

because when you fill out your suppose to put the date of your shower I dunno.. you might not still be there if you do it too early I dunno maybe i'm just a little bitter because I didnt' get anything off my registry when I had my son so I ended up having to spend over 0 myself getting all the stuff i needed :( This time all i'm asking for is Diapers!!

• Even add your list to Facebook or Twitter account.

I've been changing it and updating it as I get further along, and then once I find out the sex I'll probably change it all again.

: D i started when i found out i was pregnant..but true!

In fact, my husband is always complaining about all the bins and bins of baby clothes that are taking over the garage.

Of course there are a few must have items that must be purchased new for each baby, but I tend to wait until after the baby is born for those purchases.

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