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Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of places of employment, including common work areas, auditoriums, classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, elevators, hallways, health care facilities, cafeterias, employee lounges, stairs, restrooms and all other enclosed areas. It is a violation for any person to use a tobacco product, vapor product, alternative nicotine product, or e-liquid product in or on the grounds of any school. A copy of this statute shall be posted in a conspicuous location at every entrance to each building owned or leased by a public school district and every school bus used to transport public school students. 'Campus' means all property, including buildings and grounds that are owned or operated by the state-supported institution of higher education.

Whether or not their state requires it, all boaters have a responsibility to learn about boat operation, communications, navigation, and life-saving techniques before taking to the water.

Smoking Restrictions Tobacco Taxes Tobacco Control Program Funding Laws Restricting Youth Access to Tobacco Products Tobacco Product Samples/Minimum Sales Amounts for Tobacco Products Sales of Tobacco Products from Vending Machines Licensing Requirements for Tobacco Products Smoking Protection Laws Advertising & Promotion Product Disclosure Divestment Liability Use of Tobacco Settlement Dollars Fire Safety Standards for Cigarettes Activity View the State of Tobacco Control: 2012 Report for Arkansas Search the SLATI Database and customize your own criteria Select a different state Smoking is prohibited in most public places and enclosed areas of places of employment, including almost all restaurants.

See the definition of 'public place' and 'place of employment' under Arkansas Code section for more details on specific types of places covered.

After passing a road test they are eligible for a learner's license.

Unsupervised driving is not permitted by holders of either the instruction permit or learner's license.

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Information for establishing Online Services for Licensed Practitioners.

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