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Choose white with black text or double click a box on the grid to reset the background and text colour.Background colour: Each of 19 clues contains a word which must be removed before solving.And our thoughts were that as part of our 21st year celebrations, we’d share it with you all to see how we, AMSAG, came to be the organisation that exists now.The following is taken from excerpts of the History of AMSAG we have received so far from Jim.In 1928, New Zealand broke away to form its own national body and the Amateur Athletics Union of Australia (AAU) was the result.In 1932, an Australian Women's Amateur Athletics Union (AWAAU) was instituted and it remained responsible for women's athletics until 1978.

To colour a box or change the text colour, pick a combination of colours below and then click each box on the grid to apply those colours.

Historic racing in Australia now provides an ideal segment of the sport for those people with an interest in motor racing history, and in particular Australian motor racing history, and a desire to recapture the more relaxed atmosphere of the days of amateur motor sport.

Athletics Australia (AA) was originally the Athletic Union of Australasia, an amateur group founded in 1897.

The AARG endeavoured to give these competitors on the fringe of our sport, the opportunity to compete in events other than charity rallies.

Historic Motor Sport is an exciting, fun and social form of motor sport that caters for people with all of cars.

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