Accommodating people with disabilities

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Accommodating people with disabilities

Seating: Dining areas should include some accessible seating for wheelchair and scooter users dispersed throughout the available seating areas.Temporary seating set up for special events should also include accessible tables.Employers should also seek guidance from a small business administration, chamber of commerce or state business licensing agency to develop appropriate policies and appoint an administrator to oversee disability issues in the workplace.The administrator should receive training in legal obligations and company grievance policies, while employees should receive training in policies and be able to review them in an accessible place, such as in a break room.They should also provide adapted materials for everyone.Examples include: Employers should establish the expectation that learning is ongoing, questions are expected and encouraged and that all staffers are expected to support each other in their work and safety.

Make sure there is enough clear space for people using wheelchairs, other mobility aids, or service animals, especially when chairs are pulled out and occupied.With the right accommodations and support, anyone can be productive.In terms of accommodation, the person with the disability knows best what he or she needs.Open and closed-ended data are collected using a 20-minute structured telephone interview of JAN customers (n= 1,247; 44% response rate).The results show very few differences between men's and women's accommodation request types, whether or not accommodations were granted, the costs of requested accommodations, and satisfaction with JAN.

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