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Even if they are not many." Tunisia's Jewish population has dwindled from 100,000 in 1956, when the country won independence from France, to less than 1,500, mainly as a result of emigration to France and Israel.But unlike in much of the rest of the Arab world, Tunisian Jews have seen little direct persecution and have only rarely been targeted by extremists."We're almost 1,500 now across the country, maybe fewer than residents of a building in New York," says Jacob La Loush, 55, the owner of Mamie Lily, a popular kosher restaurant in the capital, Tunis."But we have a perfect Jewish life: schools, synagogues, and kosher shops.Coming home, she had the raw material for what became an award-winning documentary with the title “Malek Means Angel”.The film premiered at the prestigious IDFA Film festival in Amsterdam last year and has gone on to various festivals around the world, amongst these FIDADOC in Morocco and Universal Martial Arts Film Festival in France where it was awarded Best Documentary.Most of the conflicts in this narrative are inside the family.

The exchange programme is a collaboration between International Media Support (IMS) and the National Film School of Denmark.Together with her best friend Yassmine, she goes to fencing class every day after school. Knowing Malek, I see a young girl testing out gender roles,” the newly graduated filmmaker explains.Finding Malek The core of the IMS exchange programme is to send Danish students into for them unknown territory in the Middle East or North Africa for one month.Even in the north, Tunisian law applies to personal relationships.Like most Muslim countries, homosexuality is illegal.

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